Our Vision

Our vision here at Preeminent Homes is to push the envelope for contractors and builders. We want to develop and revitalize homes throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Day-in and day-out we pride ourselves on affordable pricing, quality work and customer satisfaction. We envision a future where everyone has a living space they can be proud to call home.

Our Story

"Growing up in Houston's inner city I had the opportunity to see first hand what resources and someone with a heart to do the right thing could accomplish. I sought to make change in the very neighborhoods in which I was raised. In hopes to make my own dreams a reality I attended The University of Oklahoma where I studied Construction Management. This allowed me to bring home the expertise to accomplish everything I envisioned as a child. Preeminent Homes was founded with the passion and drive to make an impactful change to Houston living."

-Jonathan Broussard

Jonathan Broussard

Founder & CEO